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马上就要开学啦!同学们的作业写完了吗?写完作业的小伙伴们就看看课外书籍吧!那么,小编给同学们千赢国际官网【唯一授权】一下高中生寒假书籍吧!好书推荐:《平凡的世界》作者:路遥《平凡的世界》是路遥所着,北京十月文艺出版社出版的长篇小说。本书曾获第三届茅盾文学奖。高中生寒假书籍经典句子:往事不会像烟雾似的飘散,将永远像铅一般沉重地浇铸在心灵的深处。不过,日常生活的纷繁不会让人专注地沉湎于自己的痛苦不幸。即使人的心灵伤痕累累,也还得要去为现实中的生存和发展而挣扎。    The past does not wander like a smoke, it will always cast like a lead in the depths of the soul. However, the multiplicity of daily life does not allow people to indulge in painful misfortune. Even if the human mind is scarred, it has to struggle to survive and develop in reality.痛苦啊,往往是人走向成熟的最好课程。     Painful, often the best course for people to mature.什么是人生?人生就是永不休止的奋斗!只有选定了目标,并在奋斗中感到自己的努力没有虚掷,这样的生活才是充实的,精神也会永远年轻!      What is life? Life is never ending struggle! Only by choosing the target and feeling that your efforts have not been foolhardy in such endeavors will such a life be enriched and the spirit will remain young forever!这就是人生的心酸。在我们短促而又漫长的一生中,我们在苦苦地寻找人生的幸福,可幸福往往又与我们失之交臂。当我们为此而耗尽宝贵的青春年华,皱纹也悄悄地爬上了眼角的时候,我们或许才能稍稍懂得生活实际上意味着什么。This is the sadness of life. In our short and long life, we are struggling to find the happiness of our lives, happiness often missed us. When we run out of our precious youth and wrinkles creep up our eyes, perhaps we can understand a little about what life actually means.生活包含着更广阔的意义,而不在于我们实际得到了什么,关键是我们的心灵是否充实。对于生活理想,应该像教徒对待宗教一样充满虔诚与热情。   Life contains a broader meaning, not what we actually get, the key is whether our hearts are fulfilled. For the ideal of life, religious believers should be as full of religious devotion and enthusiasm.只有劳动才可能使人在生活中强大。不论什么人,最终还是要崇尚那些能用双手创造生活的劳动者。如何对待劳动,这是人生最基本的课题。      Only work can make people powerful in life. No matter what people, ultimately, to advocate those who can create life with both hands of workers. How to treat labor, this is the most basic issue in life.没有爱情,人的生活就不堪设想。爱情啊!它使荒芜变为繁荣,平庸变为伟大;使死去的复活,活着的闪闪发光。即使爱情是不尽的煎熬,不尽的折磨,像冰霜般严厉,烈火般烤灼,但爱情对心理和身体健康的男女永远是那样的自然;同时又永远让我们感到新奇、神秘和不可思议。 Without love, people's lives will be unthinkable. Love! It makes desolation become prosperous, mediocrity becomes great; so that the resurrection of death, living glittering. Even though love is an endless torment, endless torture, as frosty as a fiery torch, men and women of love for their mental and physical health are always as natural as ever, while at the same time forever making us feel novel, mysterious and inconceivable.一个人精神是否充实,或者说活得有无意义,主要取决于他对劳动的态度。当然,这不是说我愿意牛马般受苦。我也感到井下的劳动太沉重了。但要摆脱这种沉重是不可能的。再说,千百万人都这样沉重。你一旦成为这个沉重世界的一员,你的心绪就不可能只关注你自身。Whether or not a person's spirit is fulfilled, or whether it is meaningless to live, depends mainly on his attitude toward labor. Of course, this does not mean that I am willing to suffer like a cow. I also feel that the work underground is too heavy. But it is impossible to get rid of this heavy load. Besides, millions of people are so heavy. Once you become a member of this heavy world, your mood can not only focus on you.高中生寒假书籍就讲解到这里了!希望同学们可以喜欢哦!想了解更多精彩内容请点击精品学习网查看哦!
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